56% of each beer you buy in Illinois already goes to taxes.

Oppose Higher Beer Taxes

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Send an email to your legislators and respectfully tell them you oppose higher beer taxes.

The General Assembly is considering a proposal to raise the state’s excise tax on beer by another 20%, but we already have the highest state beer tax in the region – and it’s almost four times greater than some neighboring states. When you enjoy a cold beer you purchased in Illinois, more than half of the cost you paid covered only the associated taxes. Enough is enough.

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Say No to Higher Beer Taxes

The legislature is considering raising another $70 million annually from Illinois beer drinkers, but that is not good tax policy. Beer taxes are inherently regressive, causing far more burden to middle and lower-income households. Plus, when interstate commerce at Illinois' borders is taken into account, millions of dollars of tax revenue leave Illinois when consumers shop in our lower-taxed neighboring states. Take action to oppose higher beer taxes, and tell the General Assembly they should not favor one industry or product over another.

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Beer is taxed multiple times, meaning you pay not just state excise taxes but also state and local sales taxes, federal excise taxes as well as related income, payroll and property taxes. In total, more than half the cost of your beer pays solely for taxes - an astounding 56%.